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International Economy Advice

Because of the great success of her books, she became well-known in Japan and has been invited to deliver lectures for many official organizations and companies as an international economy advisor.



She has been working for years to organize seminars for Japanese government and companies. Main topics cover female entrepreneurship, employee administration, market prediction, analysis on success secret of Chinese business, and risk management for overseas market.



Her professional experience also extends to entrepreneurship coaching, market research and legal issues consulting. With her help, many Japanese companies has found their agencies and even successfully built their sales system in China.


Quality Management

For companies who have their factories or production in China, she also offers quality management consultancy services.


M&A related issues

With experience in both law and business operation, companies also employ her as consultant to deal with M&A related problems.

Having lived and worked 23 years in Japan, Ms. Eika Ma decided to move to Sweden for her new adventures. She has started her own company China-Japan Business Consulting in Kalmer,Providing these above-listed services for Swedish companies who have business ambition in China or Jappan. There are no doubts that the booming Chinese market is definitely bringing tremendous opportunities for international companies.Ms Eika Ma,with her years' experiences as abusiness lawyer, would love to help more companies to make their success legends in China.

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Address:Svensknabbevagen 30, 393 51, Kalmarkna
Mobil: 0730461418


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