Ma Ying Hua

  • Ms. Eika Ma was born and grown up in Dalian, a beautiful coastal city in the north part of China mainland. In 1988, she ventured herself to Japan for study and had got her PhD degree in business law. After achieving her business lawyer certificate from Shanghai in 1996, she has been continuously working on helping Japanese companies to make business with China.


    Since 2003, Ms. Eika Ma has been publishing three popular books about how to create business success in China, which later became best-sellers in Japan. After that, her professional business practice has been concentrating on the following areas:
中国ビジネス研究所 代表 馬英華

Ma Ying Hua

                Born in Dalian, China


1988            Graduated from Dalian University of Foreign Languages, majored in Japanese language

                     Moved to Japan for further Study


1990             Enrolled at Law Department in Waseda University, Tokyo


1996             Acquired Chinese Lawyer Certificate

Registered in Shanghai Lvheli Lawyer Agent till present  

1997             The Tokyo Elevator incorporated company establishment
1999            Completed doctoral studies at Waseda University

Started to work as corporation consultant, providing business& law consultancy to Japanese companies who has Chinese business connections


2003            Published the first book- Fruit and Poisson: How to achieve success and avoid failure in Chinese market, which later became one of the best sellers in Japan, often exposed in TV programs


2006〜2009  Another two books published

 Became well-known author in Japan, serving more Japanese companies and universities with consultancy and lectures


2011             Moved to Sweden

                    Joined Kalmar Rotary Club.


2012            Established the company China-Japan Business Consulting

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