Negotiating skills of Ms. Ma Chinese lawyer

  • Price:¥1,260
  • Page:201Page
  • Publisher:PHP Institute
  • ISBN-10:4569705987
  • ISBN-13:978-4569705989
  • Release Date:2009/1/27

This is one book to teach the techniques of seven Chinese diplomacy.
I can be used in many situations. "Take a while", Chinese "zero distance" Japanese



Women, Chinese, lawyer, entrepreneur. That is my brand.
The goal is a dream come true shortcut

  • Price:¥1,365
  • Page:226Page
  • Publisher:BKS
  • ISBN-10:482830116X
  • ISBN-13:978-4828301167
  • Release Date:2006/5

Agony and break through the wall and switch the common sense that you can not only make a company manufacturer of elevator maintenance in Japan, until the company evolved, it is a story that was a dream come true. It is an interesting book by a comparison of Japanese and Chinese culture and way of thinking.


目標は夢を叶える近道 - 女性、中国人、弁護士、起業家。それが私のブランドです。

Chinese women lawyers to teach
Poison berries and latest China Business

  • Price:¥1,365
  • Page:254Page
  • Publisher:Kobunsha
  • ISBN-10:4334973809
  • ISBN-13:978-4334973803
  • Release Date:2003/2/25

Advisor of the strongest companies operating in China, which is also a business owner in Japan, unveiled a whole know-how that leads to success! What is the book called "The presence of only" "(poison) way to fail" and "(fruit) way to succeed" at the time of entering the Chinese market.

「最新中国ビジネス 果実と毒」をamazonで買う

中国人女性弁護士が伝授する 最新中国ビジネス 果実と毒
  • 出版を祝う会
  • 出版を祝う会 風景

Insane like common sense - Business China

Media Name:「Chinese business Club」
Publisher:SMBC Consulting


China Business know-how

Media Name:Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun
Publisher:Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun,Inc

『I want to tell』

Media Name:Sankei Shimbun
Publisher:Sankei Shimbun,Inc

"Poison fruit" China latest business information

Media Name:Fibers trend
Publisher:Toray Corporate Business Research, Inc.

>>Widely exposed in Japanese media

-TV Asahi


-Tokyo FM Radio

-J-wave Radio

-Japan Economy Newspaper

-Everyday Newspaper

-Japan Times (


  • "Poison fruit" China latest business information
    (Sponsored by the Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry Club)
  • Information the company was founded in China
    (Sponsored by the Japan External Trade Organization)
  • China Business
    (Gunma organizer)
  • Sparkle and life of women
    (FANCL Corporation)
  • How to make your dreams come true (sponsored by Rissho University)
  • China's economic and cultural
    (Sponsored by Nippon Express Co., Ltd.)
  • Business Environment in China
    (Small and medium-sized entrepreneurs Doyukai Tokyo)
  • In addition, there is a lot of talk performance.
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  • 講演会の風景

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